Preparation of Touchprotection standard review and preparation of documents

MSZ HD 60364 ( MSZ 2364: MSZ 172 ) – according to standards. 

Revision of  Touchprotection effectiveness,required by law. Missing this revision is punishable by fine issued by authorities.

Touchprotection revision must be performed on all new buildings and equipments prior to utilizing  them, and afterwards in every 3 years. Under KLÉSZ easing them every 6 years. 

Touchprotection departments:  
All electric equipments are classified according to touchprotection departments :

I. Touchprotection classified product. Protection against electrick shock is based upon operating insulation.There is NO possibility to join the product body with the  protective leader,therefore in case of damage to the operating insulation, protection is left to the sorroundings.For example, insulating the environment. Besides the operating insulation they use additional protection as well. The body of the product could be linked to the lead of the electric current in such a way that the touchable electric parts could not be under dangerous current, not even when the opearting insulation becomes defective , for example, zeroing out or safety gounding.

II. Touchprotection classified product. Besides the operating insulation, as an extra precaution they have supplied the product with a double insulation,or a strengthened insulation protection. The protection depends ont he power network as well. The user could recognize it on the data board by its double  square.

III. Touchprotection classified product. The solution of protection against electric shock is  based upon the touchprotection dwarf feed of elecric voltage.

Touchprotection Methods

Touchprotection could be accomplished with or without protective conductor. The protective conductor methods are such, that require that the structure’s body must be connected to the protective conductor. Such solutions are the „ zeroing „ and the „ protective grounding „

Zeroing ( the TN system, where the T comes from the latin word terro = earth ) this is such a method in which the feed system comes direct from the grounded system, and this one is connected to the electric body as protection lead.

  1. international standard  ( IEC ) differentiates 3 types:
  2. the TN-C system,the plant’s zero-lead is common with the protection lead
  3. the TN-S system, the plant’s zero lead is separated from the protection lead for the entire length of whole network.

In the TN –C-S  system, the protection lead is partially separated and partially not separated from the plant’s zero-lead.The current’s protective switching is such an organ that flows through all of the plant’s leads and works according to the total current’s amount.

Some of the conditions of the power –protective switching’s usage: 

The plant’s currency zero lead must always be going through the switch            • The protective lead must NEVER be going through the switch
• In a three phase circuit only the three phase switch should and could be used.
• If its possible, always use the most sensitive, 30 mA switch.

Types of  Touchprotection without the safetylead:

When using low voltage touchprotection , the electric equipments are fed through low voltage systems. Low voltage equipments are such equipments that use a voltage NO more and NO higher than 50 Volts ( for example safety transformer ) in case of DC  (direct current ) the  voltage  is 120 Volts.  When insulating electric equipments,those parts of the equipment must be insulated which could be touched by humans, and thus causing a short circuit because of it.

When insulating the surroundings, those people must be insulated from the grounding potential parts, which could touch the electric equipments’ body. In case for bringing for groundless DC potentials, the electric equipments’ bodies  could be connected by direct contact and this will cause DC potential between the two bodies. The contacted persons could not become groundpotentials.In case of  Safety separation the electric equipment should NOT be connected directly to the network, but to a safety transformer.


Supervision of Touchprotection :


Supervision of Touchprotection must be carried out by repairman’s supervision and by a revision of standardized  overview.

During the repairman’s supervision the following tests must be carried out by the prtotective lead’s touch methods.

Must be checked  by looking and by performing functional tests:

The Protection lead and its bindings and its undamaged connections

·         The undamaged conditions of the fuses and the undamaged conditions of the switchoff equipments

·         The Artificial ground fault which limits the  constant insulation verification equipment that runs on limited power.

For the sake of  the market demands and the ISO audits , in case of need,we could provide   the „ Adobe –pdf „ format  in the digital ( DC / DVD – e-mail )shape.


We take it into consideration all the tests,which were ordered and the examined territory as well. We provide constant discounts for all implementers, in the form of framework agreement. Furthermore, we try to help their work during the preparatory and later the actual building phases, to ensure that they could produce the most effective and  quick handover and completion for their customers.



Electric Shock


Touchprotection borderline case ?

For those who could not hear the ringtones and the vibration mode does not help them either,

Motorola has created a new solution which might sound a bit funny,the telephone will call the user’s attention for the incoming call,by a small, and controlled power shock.Is this a touchprotection borderline case ?