During my revisions, I took into consideration the following standards:

 Excerpt -

14/2004. (IV.19.) FMM decree.

28/2011. (IX.6.) BM decree  (Nationwide Fireprotection code)

8/1981. (XII. 27.) IpM decree about the Communal and apartman buildings’ touchprotection code.  

9/2008. (II. 22.) ÖTM   decree

about the Nationwide Fireprotection publication

2/2002. (I.23.) BM  decree

Fireprotection and civil defense technical requirements

35/1996. (XII.29.) BM decree

Nationwide FireProtection decree publication ( OTSZ )

MSZ 2364 Standard series

At the most the 1000 V voltage    strongpowered electrical equipment creation

MSZ 4852:1977   

Eletric equipment insulation resistance measurements

MSZ 4851-1-6 Standard series

Touchprotection revision methods


Creating the equal potential’ s network


Using ferro-concrete foundation for the purpose of  grounding

8/1981. (XII.27.) IpM rendelet   

MSZ EN 1585:2001   

Strong Powered plants rules and regulations.

MSZ 13207:2000   


MSZ 1600 1-16. Standard Series

Safety and security rules for electric  equipments, that are not  stronger than 1000 Volts,

MSZ 172-1:1986   

Touchprotection rules and regulations

MSZ 172-1:1986/1M(1989)   

Touchprotection rules and regulations ( modifications )

MSZ 10900:1970 +1 M:1986   

Those strong powered  electric equipments that are not above 1000 Volts

periodic revisions

MSZ 453:1987   

Safety tablets for strong powered electric equipments

MSZ 2064-2:1998   

Basic principles of electric equipments . Electric structures choosing and their fixing.


MSZ EN 60529:2001   

Safety degrees ( IP code ) provided by the cover eletric equipmentss

MSZ 595  Standard Series

Fireprotection of buildings

MSZ 447:1998   

connected to  Public  small powered network

MSZ EN 50110-1…2:1999   

Running electric equipments

MSZ 1:2002   

Standardized eletric powers

MSZ 171-1:1984 

Electric equipment’s common safety and security requirements. Touchprotection classification. 

LAWS require the Touchprotection Revisions !

The Minister of the  Employment policy and labor ministry have issued a long awaited decree, in which he has ordered the Touchprotection fitters revisions and standardized revisions to be performed systematically. It was very timely to order this systematic revision, because since the mandatory standards have been eliminated on December, 2001. no one, not the owners and not the users were required to perform these revisions any more. The detailed standards were revoked as well in February, 2003. The  22/2005. (XII.21.) FMM decree has modified the minimal required levels of the manual worktools and  their usage in the  14/2004. (IV.19.) FMM decree in its 2nd paragraph has defined the repairman’s revision A 22/2005. (XII.21.) FMM and then states the following :

„5/A.§ (1) The employer takes care of the small powered electric equipment’s touchprotection periodic revisions and different from the 4-5. §-paragraphs it will take care of the revisions as part of the standardized process.

(2) The revision overview must be done prior to starting the operation and after the  enlargement of the touchprotection and repairs, the last repair must be done with the standardized overview.

(3) The periodic revision must be accomplished :

a) monthly revision of the breaker  by repairman supervision

b) manual tools and portable safety transformers with annual revisions by repairman supervision

c) 8/1981.(XII. 27.) IpM decree covers the Communal and Building Touchprevention rules stating

    other electric equipment revision must be checked every 6 years

d) on other electric equipments every 3 years,with standardized revision.

As we have mentioned the decree is a stop-gap,but its still just a makeshift solution.

The Touchprotection revisions should be fully and completely finalized – together with several other electric safety themes, will be really completed int he shortly publicized Electric Safety Rulebook ( VBSZ ) for which all profesionnals are waiting for the past 10 years. ( The first version of this VBSZ Electric Safety Rulebook was made in 1995 by the professional experts. )

To remind the reader , the revision of the strong current electric equipments and the so called FireProtection Revision are in the 35/1996 (XII. 29.) BM decree, in the Nationwide FireProtection Decree and the 2/2002 (I. 23.) BM decree ensures depending on  the building’s firesafety classification .

Lectored : Kádár Aba                                                                     Arató Csaba member of MEE

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