EPH Certificate

EPH ( Raise it to  DC Potential ) From the Touchprotection point of view, in order to startup gas devices.

The gas device service providers has a special condition request to produce an EPH declaration in order to connect the new and renewed gas device connections and start up.

Therefore to join the gas network depends on the fulfillment of not only the gas safety requirements but also on the fulfillment of the appropriate network requirements.

The goal of the EPH revision is to examine the equipments,and building sections

from the electric point of view and their pipe network and their strong electric current network.

The goal and duty of the EPH revision is the examination ! Therefore, there is a need  for a separate offer for the changes and repairs.

The revision fee depends on the revision of the standardized system,and the  issuance of the appropriate certificates.

In a basic  fundamental case the followings are the main requirements:

  Measured, and unmeasured gas pipe connections to be examined.

 EPH gazora atkotes1 EPH gazora atkotes3

- PE –N leader’s  separation points ( usually the flat’s small distributor ) besides the EPH leaders arrival unto the PE track, is usually appropriate ( in general 6 mm2 Cu flexible green – yellow leader mode. 

EPH PE bekotes EPH csomopont

- EPH Node ( usually below the circo ) revision of all arriving pipes connecting point,and the revision of the connection’s need as well. 

EPH cirko2  EPH csovek

- The  revision of the  switch of power’s existance, and its availability to work properly. 


It makes us happy if our clients’ are prepared and prior to their order they have already consulted with their own electricians and gas repairman and therefore in case of the public customers we could avoid the possible dissappointments. Its a frequent problem, that repairmen leave after their payment have received,that the customer does not have the EPH  pre-conditioned system formed. Unfortunately the after – repair is not as  estatics that the newly built pre-formed system.


During the course of  our own implementation , in each and every case we have used our best judgement and skills to call our customer’s attention for different technical solutions and their aspects and consequences.