Fire Protection Revision

Fire protection revision – fire protection documentation

Each and every company need Strong currency Fire protection revision every 3 or 6 years.Fire protection documentation revision is necessary in every year or maximum once in every 5 years.

Our company makes two separate fire protection activity,these are the following:

Strong current equipment’s periodic revision, abbreviation is EBF which is also called strong currency fire protection revision > more >>

Fire protection prefessional activity,fire protection documentation > more >>

Both activities are required by the 28/2011. (IX. 6.) BM law.  It is true, even in this case that not knowing the law, does not release one from the consequences of not abiding by the law.

Considering the fact that the authorities always supervise and check the fire protection revisions and fire protection documents as well. During the official authoritative check and supervision they punish the companies for not having these documents on hand.

Fireprotection revision:

  • Goal is to supervise the buildings,equipments,and installations, and their equipments and their connections, circuits, and overload revisions as well.
  • The appropriate equipment according to the type of building, and the type of danger classification.
  • Supervision of deterioration

Fireprotection professional activity:


  • Preparation of fireprotection documentation, revision of the currently existing documentation. Its content includes:
  • Classification of pemises and their classification of fireprotection dangers
  • Showing escape routes, and their calculations
  • Fire loads and their calculations
  • Heat and smoke drainage, and their calculations
  • Manual and automatic firefighters and alarm systems examination
  • Checking of Firehydrants
  • Firefighters orders and tasks, definition of who shall be notified

Previous rules and requirements:

9/2008. (II. 22.) ÖTM rule about the Nationwide Fireprotection code edition > opening> no longer in effect.

BM 2/2002 I. 23. BM r. (MSZ 10900) – no longer in effect

35/1996 (XII.29.)BM r. Code of the OTSZ  ( Nationwide Fireprotection code publication ) No longer in effect.