Lightning Protection

Revision of Lightning protection and preparing documentation.

28/2011. (IX. 6.) BM decree about the Nationwide Fireprotection code

All our supervisors and planners have the MSZ EN 62305 exams.

2009.08. tv klip részlet

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We divide the Lightning protection planning and its revisions into two sharply different categories.

1. Revision and planning according to NORM, according to MSZ EN 62305 lightning measures.

2. Revision and planning according to NON NORM , meaning doing these not according to NORM but according to the previous codes,and standards . 

In both cases, we have full competency and references as well.

Hungarian Gazette 2012 143.  About the OTSZ publication > opening >>>

Hungarian Gazette 2012.issue 143. About the OTSZ publication > opening >>>

The Minister of Interior’s decree   28/2011. (IX. 6.) BM about the Nationwide FireProtection code. >opening>> 

Previous required decrees:

9/2008. (II. 22.) ÖTM decree about the Nationwide Fireprotection code publication >>opening >> - not in effect any more

BM 2/2002 I. 23. BM r. (MSZ 10900)  - not in effect any more

35/1996 (XII.29.)BM r. decree about the OTSZ ( Nationwide Fireprotection Regulations) publication. Not in effect any more.


Periodic lightningprotection revision cycles:

In case of buildings, premises, and outdoor facilities  as „A” –„B” incendiary classified  places,it is required every 3 years to check according to  lightning fireprotection views.

In case of buildings,premises,and outdoor facilities as  "C"-"D"-"E"incendiary classified places, it is required every 6 years to check according to lightning fireprotection views. 

The revisions must be performed with several years experience and in each and every case it must be done with intensified precaution.Qualifying documents must be handed over in two original copies  at the customers’ location,or it must be physically mailed. Qualifying documents include the blueprints of the location and building and include photos and the necessary engravings.  If and when the corrections are necessary,at the request of the customer we have to prepare a detailed documentation in different system approaches, about the usable materials’ fee calculation which will help them to reach a decision. Based upon our experience,by using mounting rods and collecting tops when creating lightning protection equipments,this could result in 20 to 40 % savings.

If its necessary, we could prepare immediate official reports, and could utilize our mobile office services, basically we could present official documents at anywhere within the country.We could prepare these in manual or machine formats as well. In order to help and assist the ISO audits and satisfying market needs – if and when necessary, we could prepare Adobe-pdf formats or digital ( CD / DVD e-mail ) formats as well.During calculations we consider the other revisions that have been ordered and the revised territories as well.

We provide discounts for all implementers, int he form of frame agreements. Furthermore we want to help their work even in the  phase of preliminary and building processes,so they could provide the most effective and smoothest sales and handovers for their customers.