Touchprotection, lightening protection,fireprotection control are our company’s main activities

Our company wishes to provide help in Touchprotection,lightening protection,fireprotection and EPH certificate controls for all our clients.

Prior to  electric safety technical measurements the „ first measurement „   or „Zero examination „ which must be examined based upon the MSZ HD 60364 currently effective rule.

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It will be mandatory to have the Fire Protection professional exam !!

The examination of Strong Current equipment could be done without a professional certificate until May 1st, 2013. After this date the person must have a valid fire protection professional certificate.

This specific law could be found on   the following link:

In less than one year they have modified the OTSZ „ the Ministry of Interior’s 55/2012. (X. 29.) BM decree. This specific law could about the Nationwide Fireprotection code  28/2011. (IX. 6.) BM modification of decree
It could be downloaded from this link
OTSZ 55/2012. (X. 29.)

Hungarian Gazette, issue 143.


28/2011. (IX.6. ) BM decree about the Nationwide Fire Protection code: This decree will become effective on the 30th day of its declaration. Following the effectiveness of the new decree the previous code  9/ 2008. ( II.22. ) ÖTM loses its effectiveness !  Hungarian Gazette, issue 103.

Our Activities:

The below lists appearances, the first one is  the smooth, the second one is the numbered list.

  • The periodic Touchprotection Revision (ÉVF ) which is examined based upon the MSZ HD 60364 with consideration of the MSZ 172 standard which is no longer effective today. More: >>
  • The periodic lightening revision and pre-usage documentation preparation which is required by the 28/2011. ( IX.6) BM decree. More: >>
  • The Periodic Revision of Strong Current Equipments ( FireProtection Revision, EBF) which is required by the 28/2011. ( IX.6. ) MB decree. More: >>
  • Strong Current Cables insulation revision according to  MSZ 13207:2000 MORE: >>
  • Manual Tools periodic revision ( annually ) More: >>
  • Preparing certificates for Gas wiring. More: >>
  • Workers Protection professional activities More:>> Workers Protection
  • Coaxial radiotechnical cables Site Master revisions.
  • Building electrical implementations and their completion. More: >>
  • Risk evaluations of Workplaces and preparation of the job safety instructions More:>>
  • Noise measurements, preparation of maps, proposals for choosing hearing protection devices More: >>
  • Lighting measurements. New and periodic job safety protection and completed lighting installation documentation.

1. Preparing budgets for colleagues working on  the fields of electric works with „ TERC „ software which aids and assists to prepare budgets,which ensures the generally accepted forms and price preparations  contents. Manufacturing of strong and weak power distributor  cabinets

      3. Installation of Lightning protection systems.Excess voltage protection evolvement

4.Creating Computer systems, and operate them as well.

      5. Fixing entry systems

      6. Installing Fire alarm signal systems

     Revision of Medical equipments and devices.

Revisions of  ATEX explosive proof equipments >> More >>

Fixing ATEX Ex explosive proof equipment and network creation.

Research, development, K+F projects >> More >>




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