Our company has the right to oversee, and examine medical equipments according to 16/2006. (III. 27.) EüM decree and has the appropriately trained and certified team to periodically exam these equipments.

4/2009 ( III.17) EüM decree permission.


Name of tools Health,Public Administration and Licencing Offices Resolutions :
  Numbers  Expiry date
01. Defibrillator 19726-008/2011/OTIG 2016. Jún.
02. High frequency cutting device  19727-008/2011/OTIG 2016. Jún.
03. Incubator 19728-009/2011/OTIG 2016. Jún.
04. Anasthatic and breathing machine 19728-008/2011/OTIG 2016. Jún.
05. Surgical Light 19730-008/2011/OTIG 2016. Jún.
07. Invazive and Intervetion rtg.equipments  5165/2007/07 2012. december
08. Operating table 19731-008/2011/OTIG 2016. Jún.
10. Traditional xray and pickup workplace 5165/2007/10 2012. december
11. Surgical screen improvement 5165/2007/11 2012. december
12a. Surgical and waitingroom monitoring 19732-008/2011/OTIG 2016. Jún.
12b. EKG 19732-008/2011/OTIG 2016. Jún.
13. Laser 9795/2008/13 2013. december
14. Invazive bloodpressure and bloodstream measuring 19733-008/2011/OTIG 2016. Jún.
15. Machine infusion feeder  19734-008/2011/OTIG 2016. Jún.
16. Blood warmup unit  19735-008/2011/OTIG 2016. Jún.
17. Sterilizing machine 19736-008/2011/OTIG 2016. Jún.

18. From among network operated electroteraphy units:

·         Stimulater

·         Ultrasonic sound therapy unit

·         Greater frequency electroteraphy unit

·         Interference unit

         Magnetotherapy unit
19736-008/2011/OTIG 2016. Jún.
19. Medical gas supplier equipment 25229-006/2012/OTIG 2017. Október

20.Ultrasonic sound diagnostics machine 

31418-006/2011/OTIG 2016. Aug.


 According to  16/2006. (III. 27.) EüM decree for 20 groups of machinery.

Laser machiney measurements,with our own professional people, with the permit of the Halo Laser Kft.

  We also have measurement capacities basides our basic functions as well – such as  SPO2, mammograph, ray measurements

  Measurements without disturbing the healing process

   Modern  apparatus for measurement techniques and high level skills
 *  Educational level experience with 15 years behind us.

*   We could supply 3 groups for same time measurements, and 5 groups for parallel measurements.

 Detailed computer made protocol with need for repairs listed inside the protocol

Statistics about the measured machines with measurements and validity


 Air cleanlines measurements ( laminary boxes definition of particles )


  Laser output measurements


   Electric output measurements

   Pressure, temperature, humidity, dew point measurement, under special industrial circumstances .


    *  Volume current measurement in liquids, gases,additional and special services.

    * Measured machines placement in orders. We work out the database of all machines, tools, equipments required to be periodically tested and verified, inventory with showing daily status, and adjusted to the need of measurements and quality requirements. We are also willing to adjust the database to the already working informatique systems.

    * Repairing machines in our own serviceshop,based upon accepted price offers.The repair offer is for free The first  measurement after repair is for free.

    * Temporary  suitability ( without repairs the machine could be used for 60 days ) and following the repair of smaller problems, ISO 9001: 2000 quality assurance –the certification of suitability is for free.

    * Creating measurement centers, organizing regional centers within the framework of hospitals, and uniting with the services maybe even the inclusion of municipal governments.

    *  Prior to starting up, machines should be tested,examined and their status should be optimized.

    * Gas supply systems standardizations should be tested.

    * In case of a disputed situation, in order to clarify it, the measurements should be performed in laboratory situations

    * Measurement parameters should be compared in order to develop proposals.

On  the entire territory of the nation – regional centers and – programmed series of measurements should be done – the cost should be devided. 



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