Strong current equipments revision


Periodic revision of strong current equipments ( EBF )  and preparing documentation. In public use,  „ Fire protection revision „

 28/2011. (IX. 6.)done upon  BM decree

What is the EBF ?

All strong current equipment , cables, switches,plugin sockets, switchboard, extention wires, and to these the have to examine the safely connecting equipment conditions. Like all tools,the electric network could be built correctly or incorrectly. As times goes by the electric equipment could age and get damaged.  A broken water pipe is noticed by everyone, but unfortunately electric power is not visible.Their internal status could only be noticed on  a few occasions light,or smell signals that something is wrong with it. When the failure has happened, all the symptoms has already happened,but than its too late.

When the water pipe broke,a drop of water has not really killed anyone,but everyone wants to repair the damage immediately.  Try to imagine that the electric damage has happened in your child’s bedroom, and the nightstand lamp’s wire has broke, and the child got an electric shock.

The revision of the Strong Electric Current equipment,is required. The human life and our valuables must be protected,not only because this is personal interest, but its also society’s  interest. The repairman’s task includes from industrial sized great current transformators including great and small switches,overload protective and regulator, measurement,and intrusion orgs as well.

The main points  of strong current’s  equipment revisions:

·         Supervision of appropriate equipment according to type of accommodation

·         Supervision of fireprotection classification’s appropriate classification

·         Supervision of fireprotection classification of accommodations,free places,objectums

·         Supervision of cable,track,and system’s overload tests

·         Supervision of overload current and overload protection tools

·         Supervision of network insulation tests (do not mistake it with the simple cable insulation supervision )

·         Supervision of instrumental and eyeball inspections

·         Supervision of  Signs, marks, drawings, documents

·         Supervision of total systems overseeing Touchprotection, lightningprotection, qualifications .

Previous decrees:.

 9/2008. (II. 22.) ÖTM decree about the Nationwide Fireprotection Decree publication  more details (BM 2/2002 I. 23. BM decree )

(MSZ 10900) decree about the periodic supervision  which  (35/1996 BM decree  OTSZ- publication )      

The above fireprotection test must be done according to the below shown detailed periods, according

to the classified fire dengers. we must mention the fact, that according to appropriately classified rules

the entire place fire classification’s  must rule and decidet he correct time periods.In case if the location

„ TV class „ is higher, the time period must be chosen according to the classification’s cycle.

The entire area’s classification „ D „  then every 6 years, but the „ A” classified areas must be supervised and tested every 3 years only.

The „ A „ and  „ B „ firedanger classified buildings and places and free areas must be tested and supervised every 3 years,according to lightening protection views and considerations.

The suopervisions must be completed with  our several years experience, and extreme attention. The qualifying certificates will be completed in two original copies, and without any extra fees with drawings and photo attachments – which will either be handed over at customers place or will be mailed officially.

If repairs are un-avoidable, at the request of the customer we will prepare a work-to-be-done documentation, with several different  system approaches for the material price calculations, which will make the customer’s decision easier. In case of need, we can immediately prepare protocols, with our mobile office services,and prepare our immediate qualification certificate,at any point of our country.

Manual or machine formats too. we have the necessary  vehicles,work-outfits, and all the required tools and equipments – for any work under extreme circumstances as well. For example: all terrain vehicles, and waterproof winter clothes, and IP64 covered tools as well.

In order to aid the marketing needs and ISO audits, in case of need, we can provide it in Adobe-pdf format as well. in digital ( CD /DVD/ email ) formats. We consider the additional other exams, and the area under scrutiny.